Friday, April 17, 2015

March in Pictures!!

Recap in Pictures... Get ready!!

Markie and Richard and I went to watch Jocie at State for Gymnastics 
and then they stayed the night at our place... We will forever be best friends! 
And no she will never smile for ANY picture!

Malad had its first color run! Krichele ran and then the rest of us were in charge of station 
one and we got to throw color on everyone! It turned out great, and was really fun!

For Easter the Easter bunny brought clay to make minnons! The Easter bunny even hid them and made Koop search for them :) I thought they were just little figurines but they were all clay packets that we had to completely make. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I thought they turned out cute and they were fun to make while watching General Conference!

We made the cutest spring sugar cookies to send to Kyle! Who comes home in less than 3 months from him mission!!!

I think he is the cutest little cuddle buddy! He got so cold we had to put his little sweater on him :) 

 Yes Yes we woke up to snow in April!

Since I don't really have any friends in Malad, these two are my running buddies! They do a pretty good job!
 Sometimes when we get to work, we match! Animal print, and the same cardigans!

Jason built a new fire place, so of course we had to roast marshmallows!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

We got a HOUSE!

When we decided we were going to move to malad we started looking for a house right away. Little did we know how hard it would be. Everything we looked at in Malad was small, old or expensive there wasn't anything in between. So long story short we got a house! We looked and looked and gave up. Then Koopers parents decided to buy a house next to their feedyard because they wanted the well and to kinda control the area around their bulls. So we got to move into the house! 
It needed a LOT of updating let me tell ya!
First off... Wallpaper was in every room! And the kitchen had 4 layers! It took us at least a week to get it all off..

 I am so grateful for all that helped.. It made the terrible job go even faster. What we did was use a spray bottle filled with warm water and like a little section in the bottom filled with fabric softener and sprayed it all over and started peeling.. And just so you know it wasn't easy. It was a pain and took forever. I will never EVER EVER EVER have wallpaper in my house. It was the worst job.

 ^This was the first room and it peeled off fairly easy, it was definitely a trick. The rest did not go that easy!

After the long week of peeling wallpaper we had a guy come in an texture the walls for us. And once that was done we went straight to painting! We started with the baseboards and went to the rest of the house. It was a long process as well.. 

 ^Cutest helpers around...

The painting is done for the most part and we are all moved in! Just need some decorations and we are good to go! It's so nice to finally have a house, and a YARD, and extra space! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Recap of Feb. In Pictures

Well I have been MIA from blogging ever since we moved. I am trying to be better at it but I have gotten really bad at taking pictures. So my goal is to start taking more pictures of what is going on. 

Valentines Day
^These were our gifts to each other. 
^ I even got Breakfast in BED! what a keeper I got! Nothing beats strawberry toast!

 ^We went shopping for house stuff, and then to dinner at Olive Garden. It was a pretty good date. I love my hubby!

 ^ Carter had a Valentines Day Program and it was pretty cute!

Utah Weekend Getaway

 ^ Cousin had her baby shower, so of course we had to go! Such a cute little prego mommy!

Ben and Tayonna let us stay with them and took us to shoot guns! I loved their handgun.  Thanks Ben and Tayonna for everything....

 ^One Morning I woke up with a swollen eye, and looking back at the pictures they're to funny not to share!

A Little Family Time....

^Swimming is always really fun!

 ^Silly Boy put every scarf, headband, and tights on that he could find!

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