Monday, April 14, 2014

Schools Out for Summer

I haven't posted in a really long time so I thought it was time for a quick post! 

Koop just finished up the semester. He was taking 18 credits! And they were no easy 18 credits. They were his upper 400 level classes. He worked 20 hours on campus every week. As well as almost every weekend for a farmer. All he did was.....

Poor boy was so sick of everything! But he did so great! He made it, and finished up!

Me.. well I just work now.  I love my new job! I love the people I work with! I love working 12 hour shifts because I LOVE having four days off.

I'm so excited for the summer and I can't wait for the warmth to come! I can't wait for the next few months, I am excited to see what life brings... :)I'm excited to be able to go camping, swimming, four wheeling, and just have fun! It will be nice not to have to worry about homework for awhile!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This Man

This man is the best grandpa I could of ever had. 

When I was little he used to come over and cook the best dutch oven dinner you'd ever eat.

His cows would always get out, and he'd come get us grand kids (Trent, Hunter, Myles, and myself) and have us help him get them back in. He took us 4 everywhere. From rodeos, to bull sales, to the coffee shop, to the mountains for a ride, to feeding cows, to anything. We loved it. We paired up and always fought with each other. Hunter and I vs Trent and Myles. The best part was when Trent and I would fight, grandpa would ALWAYS yell at Hunter and say quit irritating. (We died laughing, but Hunter always got mad :))

He used to spoil me. Whenever we were at Rodeos or anywhere I'd ask him for some money and he'd give me a $20, then one of the other four would ask him and he'd give them $5. He gave me a horse, a car, a heifer but most importantly he gave me his time.  I stayed with him summer after summer when my family moved to Oregon. I spent every day with him. Riding horses, going to the feedlot, playing solitaire, taking naps at the park and checking the cows. I loved it. 

He loved taking us kids and pigs to the fair. One year him and I opened probably 1,000 nasty old cottage cheese containers and feed to the pigs. 

He taught us four kids how to work, we chased cows, and cows chased us. He taught us how to have patience, he would expect us to read his mind and when we didn't he'd get mad at us. He taught us to enjoy the simple things. 

Today he turns 80 years old! I wish I was there to celebrate...
 Just so you know GRANDPA I LOVE YOU. Happy Birthday.


The Job HUNT

After graduating college I gave myself a couple weeks to find a job. I wanted to wait till after the Holidays to start looking so that I could spend time at home for the Holidays. Well boy.. that was dumb. Everyone else started before the Holidays so when I went looking I found nothing.  Living in Rexburg is very difficult. I look at other towns like Boise,  Utah,  California or anywhere ELSE and there are TONS of opportunities. In Rexburg maybe like 5 options.. So I applied everywhere almost. it didn't even matter what it was for.. 

I got interviews.. I got job offers. But nothing I really wanted.

First offer.. Alfac. 
ME sell insurance.. I could of done it..
 Did I want to? No. So I turned it down.

Second Offer... Home Care Pulse.. quality control center.. 
Did I want it.. no but it payed decent and was in Rexburg. So I decided to take it. 
First few weeks.. TERRIBLE. 
I hated sitting at a desk all day.
 I hated not being able to be social with my coworkers.
 I hated being stuck inside.
I hated talking to rude people.
I hated it. PERIOD. 
It got better. 
I got a $50 bonus one pay check. That was nice
I always got my Average for Interviews. 
It was an easy job. 
Still didn't love it. 
 But I went to work because I needed a paycheck

I have a DEGREE I should be able to get a good job right?!

So I kept looking.. 

I Interviewed at..
 Pain specialist of Idaho
Alpine Dermatology
Sleep Inn Suite (got the job here.. the pay sucked and it was far away, so I turned it down)

Then I got an interview at Nauvoo House Apartments. I used to live in these apartments. I had one interview and got called back for another. I thought it would be perfect to get this job! Free rent, utilities and everything plus a paycheck. Two days later I got a phone call. I GOT THE JOB! I was so excited and happy. Then I mentioned Sampson my puppy and everything came tumbling down. I wasn't able to keep him if I wanted the job.
Koop and I decided we would give him to my parents for the year.  That night I came home and Koop was out of town for the weekend and Sampson was the only thing I came home to.. I couldn't do it, I cried. I couldn't give away my baby. So unfortunately I turned down that job.

At this point I gave up.. I thought that I would just stick it out at my job now..

I saw a post online that Rexburg Community Care Urgent Care was hiring. They needed a Full Time Admissions Clerk working with Mountain View Hospital. I applied.. Only to find out they already filled the position. :( A week later I got a call about the same position available in Rigby, I never applied but it seemed to be perfect. I had an interview, the lady was so nice and said she would hire me right now. It wasn't her place to hire, so she said she would tell them and I would get a second interview.

The next day I got a call to come in for a second  interview in Rexburg, the position opened up again! Lucky ME! 

Long story short... 


It is perfect! It pays great. I work three 12 hour shifts and have four days of the week off! I get benefits! Its flexible! And best part.. I don't have to dress up! (For those of you that know me, I hate dressing up, and wearing normal clothes, I like sweats!) I get to wear scrubs!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This year I decided to be more organized with budgets! So I made a budget checklist. Some of these don't apply to us right now, but eventually they will.. so I took everything into consideration.. If anyone wants a copy please let me know and I will send you one! I'm kind of excited to start using this! 

We started doing our taxes and I just thought.. Man life would be easier if I would of kept track of things! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Can I just say that lately I LOVE Sewing! I just wish I had a child to make things for, or a home to really decorate for! We don't plan on being in our home for very much longer so I've been trying to wait to do things like curtains or refurnish some of our things because I just don't know what kind of place we are moving into next. 


My older Brother is having a baby boy! So I get to spoil him! So far, I made this adorable, extra soft Minkee Blanket! I ended up getting a lot of fabric and then I just decided to make 3 blankets with it. I even sold one for more than the cost of all three blankets(I got the fabric on sale :))! So I've been wanting to make them and sell them lately as a fun little hobby! 

 This material is literally my favorite! It is sooooo soooo soft! I LOVE IT! and I can't
 wait for my baby nephew to be curled up inside! I am so EXCITED! 

I also made these cute little travel pillow cases. My In-Laws got all of us a travel pillow and asked me to make some cases! 

Now, to start on some outfits!!! EEEKK so excited!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Love Day

Valentines Day!
Today was just almost like any other day with us. It is pretty much the official date night of the year for the whole WORLD. Sooo...  We tried to spice it up and make it fun though.
To start we had pink-heart shaped pancakes (Hubby is the ultimate pancake maker).

Then Koop went to school and I went to work. I ended up getting off early! YAY!
So I made Koop some heart shaped sandwiches for lunch and headed over to his work, I hung out with him there for awhile.
Then while Koop was at work I decided to make my brothers baby blanket I have been planning on making. :) I ended up having enough material I made two small ones as well! There double sided minkee and they are so soft and cuddling.  I want to keep one.
Koop came home and brought the cutest flowers for me! It was sweet because I was not expecting anything. Earlier this week I had got a new car, and that was my Valentine gift! I didn't need anything else! Koop also got 4 brand new tires, and wheels for his truck and so that was his gift! So since we had got such BIG gifts we thought we'd save our money, however that sneaky boy ended up getting flowers anyways!
Then later for dinner we got Pizza! One of our favorites! MMM. I love a good pizza! It ended up being FREE to! Lucky us! My friend works at Papa Murpheys and I asked her to grab us a pizza and I'd come pick it up, when I went to pick it up she ended up getting it for free anyways! Thanks whit :)
After dinner we cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie and relaxed.
Then after that we had a late night coed volleyball game. There was only us and two other people on our team that could make it and it was so fun! We played so good, and ended up winning! It was really fun.
After we got home we got ready for bed, Koop took Sampson outside and I tried to be all Romantic (being Valentines day) I turned off all the lights and made a candle trail :) and thats all the details for this blog....
I sent these "turtles" to my grandpa. When we were little he would always go shopping the day after Valentines day and buy all the grandkids candy. He would always get my turtles because he knew they were my favorite! The past few years he hasn't been able to send any and so this year I thought it was my turn and wanted to send him some! He was really excited and happy that I did! Its been a tradition for so long that I will forever cherish... 
All in all, a good happy love day. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I never thought this day would come!

When I was 15 years old my grandpa bought me a 2000 White Dodge Stratus so I could drive back and forth to visit him. I had it for 7 years and thought I would have it till it broke down.
Don't judge how dirty he is, it was SNOWY and SLUSHY
But I thought wrong!!!

I said my final goodbyes to White Willie Friday February 7th, 2013! (Kind of a bitter sweet moment, it had been my only car and was a little sad but knowing the fact of what was coming next I was so excited to get Willie sold and off my hands)
Koop and I have talked several different occasions about getting a new car but we always talked ourself out of it. However, we just happened to go to this dealership where I fell in love with the perfect car for us.  Everything happened so quickly, we were able to sell my old car in 1 week and make the final decisions with our new car! 


Sneak Peak of the Inside! :) so clean and new!


Want to know all the silly things I love about it, simply because mine last one was too old?

1. I have a Key Fob! Silly but I love the fact of not having to unlock the door. 
2. It has POWER! It doesn't take forever to get going! 
3. It is SO QUIET! I can barely hear it when it is on! 
4.  I can bluetooth my phone, which is sweet! 
5. My speedometer is actually accurate! My last one was like 6mph slow! It also has an automatic 
6. It never squeaks when I turn!
7. It gets 35-40 MPG! almost double what my previous car got. 
8. I get free oil changes and car washes from the dealership!
9. Everything is so new inside and upgraded!

Me still in shock this is MY car!