Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2015 Youth Conference

Koop and I got called as "Mission Presidents" for the 2015 Stake Youth Conference. It was a great experience. We were the youngest couple called as mission presidents but I am so glad they thought of us!
We had 6 boys come into our home Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We had scripture study, personal prayer, family kneeling prayer, prayers for everything else, activities, and then the church had several activities and firesides planned. They had the cast of Ephraim's Rescue come, and Stephanie Boyd come and sing to us. We took pictures of gravestones for family history, learned about the last supper, made oil lamps, cleaned vehicles, ....

They all did wonderful and it was neat to hear the different experiences each of them had to share. It was a fun 3 days, and we really enjoyed housing these 6 young men and learning more about them, while participating in learning more about the gospel. 
Here are a few pictures from the few days!

^They did a candy drop... and oh man there was a million pieces of candy. It was really fun!
^The car wash, led to a water fights, to a towel wiping fight, to a wrestling match!

^Making our oil lamps, someone got a little excited and cut their finger!
^Cake with lots of frosting ends in a face smearing contest!
^This was our group of boys.. we loved them. It was a great group!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Telling Koop He Is Going To Be A DAD

Telling Kooper he was going to be a dad made me so HAPPY! 
So I wake up one morning and roll over and say Hun should I take a test or just wait? He said, "JUST WAIT." It was February so I was unsure when I would start because the month was shorter than normal. Koop got up and went to check his cows, and I was too curious and wanted to know anyways so I hurried and got up and went and took one.  The first picture is my 1st test... (And it didn't seem quite this dark..) Like all my tests in the past it would just skip the T line and the C line would show up and that's exactly what happened. But I was patient, I laid on the bed and waited about 3 minutes (during this waiting process, I kept imaging if I was pregnant and how fun it would be) and got up and checked again..  It was so faint that I was so unsure. I decided I wanted to be sure to tell him so I waited.. and it killed me! I didn't want to get his hopes up if it wasn't true! (He didn't want to know when I took a test, it weirded him out. So I didn't tell him.)

The next day at lunch I called Koop and he wasn't going to be home for 10 minutes so I hurried and took another test.. and sure enough there was a line!!! Still faint but more of a line that we have ever got. And we have taken A LOT OF PREGNANCY TESTS!! I ran and got some paper and hurried and made up this sign. I couldn't wait any longer. The first one sucked... so I crumpled it up and threw it away and made another. Then when he got home I was laying on the bed trying to act like nothing was up (while holding my phone up and having my video on)

I said, "hey there is something on the counter for you..."  
I'll let you watch this short video! (click here)

His reaction was the best... the whole time "what does this even mean. What do those lines mean. Is this real?"

Sure enough.. After 14 months of trying we finally get the chance to have a baby! We are so lucky and feel so blessed! We can't wait to meet this little one!

If you haven't seen the video how my family finds out go here to watch it.. It is pretty funny (Mainly my moms face when she realizes what is going on!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Fear Of Infertility...

I wanted to write a post about this for so long because I think so many people are unaware of it. I know that I was one of those people. I had ONE family member that struggled with infertility but other than that I was under a rock when it came to infertility.  Koop and I started trying to get pregnant in January of 2014 and I thought we'd for sure have a baby by the end of 2014. But each month came and I'd be late or I'd take a pregnancy test with a big fat negative. 

The first few months I was fine, birth control can take at least 3 months to get out of your system.
 By 6 months I still was patient thinking it would happen at the right time. 
By 9 months I started getting worried. 
By 12 months I thought I was broken...

 There was several girls in my ward in Rexburg who were in the same boat. Some had been trying for 5 years, 2 years, 1 year, and/or 6 months, everyone was at a different point, yet all trying.  I didn't realize that so many women struggle with this challenge.  It was comforting to have support from so many friends going through the same thing. In the meantime being in a young married ward, everyone else was getting pregnant left and right. And it was so discouraging. The whole time I kept thinking will I get this chance, will I get to be pregnant, will I get to experience everything they are experiencing?

 The first step was to get Kooper tested, and so we did. He was fine... so we knew it was me.
 I had a few labs ran (thyroid) and everything was normal. From there I couldn't really do anything yet until a year was up, so I had to wait. It got to the point that I kept thinking I was broken. One day we had a lesson in church on this because there were so many struggling with this. It was perfect. The couple who gave it had been trying for 5  or so years and his wife thought the same thing. They simply reminded us that we are not broken, we are given this challenge. Others might have different challenges in their life but this is ours. 

I've learned that this is a hard process. People will ask over and over again when you will have babies and secretly you want to just yell WERE WORKING ON IT! One day my cousin said, you have to decide what you would rather be asked. "When will you have babies" or "What are you doing now or is it working?"

After 12 months I went to the doctor and they had me test my prolactin, gave my a womens physical and did a vaginal ultrasound to check my women things! Everything was normal...
So then why wasn't I getting pregnant????
 I was one of the 10% that had no answer.  Lucky me.

The next month I was put on Chlomid, which is a drug meant for women who didn't ovulate, or women who had no reason to not get pregnant. So my 1st month I took it and nothing happened... That was when I really started getting nervous, upset when others were getting pregnant, and frustrated when people would ask me.

I waited and waited before I finally told my mom, mainly because I thought I'd be pregnant quicker and I could have this fun surprise. But it got to the point where I couldn't keep it in any longer.

A couple of the hardest things to hear while trying to conceive...
Hold this baby so you become baby hungry...
You've been married for awhile when are you going to start trying...
I'll pray for you...
It's all the Lords timing....

My good friend Kelsey wrote the best post about 3 attitudes to avoid around infertile couples... You can read it HERE!

Infertility is real. Women struggle with infertility everyday. Couples struggle with it everyday. It doesn't get easier. Its a very hard process.  My heart goes out to anyone that struggles with the trail of infertility, its stressful, tiring, depressing, and can be very expensive. I would never wish this trial upon anyone.You can still talk to people struggling with infertility we are still normal people. Just next time you ask someone when they will have a baby, be sensitive. You never know what they are going through. It is a lot more common than we think.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

1st Trimester

Guys! Can you believe I'm pregnant...
I still can't yet, it almost doesn't feel real.
As the weeks go by I really want to document a little of how baby is making me feel...
Koop insisted the spot we take pictures has to be by something that will change as the season does, so when you see me standing by a dead tree at first that is why! I love that he wants to take a new picture and watch the progress of our little human each week, it makes me happy!!

1st Trimester!!!!!!

I'm pregnant! I don't really feel pregnant or any different but I am!
1st week in our new house! We even spoke at church today!
Felt sick at church.. Nerves or Nausea?
Baby has an empty room, just patiently waiting for its arrival!!

Baby is always hungry around 9 or 10 am.
 If I don't eat baby gets upset and make me feel shaky and weird!
Gained 6 pounds b/c I'm ALWAYS HUNGRY
I feel like my boobs are more tender than EVER! (sorry if your a guy reading this)

7-8 Week
We have been so busy and forgot pictures. Didn't feel any different.

-1st week of throwing up (Thankfully not very much, it barely counts!)
-This week baby did not like cheese its (Except this time definitely counted..TMI? ;/ )
-Baby is making me look bloated this week (I have a tiny bump)
-No more weight gain yet though!
-I'm still ALWAYS cold, especially at church, I always take a jacket.

-Baby doesn't care for Root Beer or Sprite!
-I have gotten to the point, Koop always laughs and calls me tum tum because my belly just looks pushed out all the time.
-My family is here this week and I finally get to tell them in person!
-Doctor said the sharp pain I get randomly is round ligament pain... 

-1st ultrasound, baby looks like a little alien
-Baby doesn't like guacamole this week
-Doctor said baby is 3 days farther along due date now Nov 7th!
-Heartbeat was 169

-Baby likes a nap every couple days!
-They say your hair isn't supposed to fall out but mine definitely does!
-Baby is starting to only like plain foods, or food that's warm (Totinos pizza, and pizza rolls)
-We've started telling more people, its kinda fun!

1st Trimester is over and I am feeling pretty good. I am so excited for this little baby to come! I can't even wait! Every time I see a baby picture or baby outfit it makes me so excited!!

P.S No I did not plan on wearing the same red cardigan for half of my pictures.. I guess I need to mix it up a little!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We're having a BABY!


Here is a sweet video of my family finding out. We gave my nephew a birthday present and the shirt said "Only cousin, Exp 2015" My mom about died and my dad secretly was a little teary eyed. It was so much fun telling them! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jones Family Photos!

Can I just say I don't think my whole family has ever been in a photo shoot in my WHOLE LIFE! So this was pretty amazing to get everyone together. Mandi Ward Photography took them. She is located in Malad, Idaho and she did a great job. We had a lot of fun taking them and I love them!

 ^My mom wanted the dogs.. SO of course they are in it.. This one is my favorite though!

 ^I really love this one too.. Even though Kooper was pulling a face. My dad has a pretty good smoulder going on!

 ^Mandi said do a serious face, and we tried soooo HARD! Between laughing constantly somehow she managed to get this one! And its not that bad!
 ^ I love love love this one too!

 ^ Austin just woke up and didn't really want to smile, but he is still so stinkin cute!
 ^ I love my brothers!

 ^Can we all take a moment to look how funny this is. While Dad, Trevor and Trent are smiling all cute at Austin, Kooper is mimicking him. I think its so cute!

Family is not an important thing. It's everything.
 I sure do love this family of mine!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Family Week

My WHOLE family came to visit for the week!
We had a good time and did a lot of fun things! 
Trevor, Cynthia, and Austin came from Canada and it was good to see them, because Canada is so far away that they don't come very often...
I learned that my dad was the "stay at home mom" with us 3 when we were little.. No wonder after a few minutes kids always love him. 
My Brothers tried to fix the fan in my bathroom and failed... hahah 
good thing Kooper is my handy man!

We went swimming one night, played volleyball, basketball and got way tired!
Another day, we spent on the mountain riding all over.... I don't think my whole family has ever done anything like this ALL TOGETHER... It was really fun.

Then we had to show these city Canadians some COWS! I couldn't imagine life without the farm anymore, so I'm glad I got to share with little Austin, how fun it is!

We also got to shoot guns... Trevor surprised us all and could hit almost every single clay pigeon. Trent on the other hand not so much. But as soon as we seen rabbit, within 2 seconds bang and he got it. Dad loves animals, and didn't like that very much. Trevor and Kooper had a shooting contest and TIED! 
We even got to take Trevor and Cynthia branding.. 
Here is my little baby calf, isn't she a cutie!

Trevor even branded one and gave one a shot... Good job brother!

Then the last day in Malad, we went on a Helicopter and they got to see how cute Malad was from way up high!

Oh and of course they had to come see my horse! He was so lazy, soaking up the sun he didn't want to get up! Baby Austin looks good on a horse.. Maybe he should be a cowboy ;)

 ^I even got to meet sweet baby Andrew. He's so cute!

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