Sunday, January 31, 2016

Adilee's newborn

We got Adilees Newborns taken 8 days after she was born. She was soo good except for the day we took them! She was awake and crying and DID NOT want to be naked and DID NOT want to pose and DID NOT want to stay still. But we worked and worked and got some pretty cute ones of her. I don't love the ones of Koop and I, we were very non-photogenic that day but so in a couple months we will have to try again!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Adilee 2 Months

Little Miss Adi Rae
I can't believe you are already 2 months old.. it blows my mind. You are so stinkin fun, and we love you! Here are a little things you like to do...

-You like to blow bubbles
-You always look pist at the world
-You only smile when your half asleep and it's adorable.
-You now wear size 1 diapers
-You usually fall asleep in the car, but will wake up if we are not moving.
-You love your new play mat, and will kick and kick at the piano on it. 
-Your newborn clothes no longer fit you, the pants are okay but the tops are to short. 
-You are starting to sleep longer at night. Usually a stretch from 5-7 hours and then a 3 hour one. 
-You got blessed this month! January 3rd! Pictures HERE...
-You like to kick your legs in the bath.
-You started going to a babysitter this week while momma went to work.. Makes my little mamma heart so sad, but you have some good people to watch you. Amanda Brown and Bamma..
-You've had to get your foot poked 3 times for the PKU test, but this time it finally worked!
-I weighed you at work and you've went up to 10lbs 11oz.
-You like to give us cross-eyed looks as you can tell from the pictures below..

We really love you baby girl! You are so much fun and we love watching you grow!

^Her legs are starting to get chunky!
Look how big she looks there!

^Seriously look how big she looks! She is only 2 months!!
 "Hey mom I really want to be done taking pictures"
You can find her 1 month pictures here...

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Adilee's Blessing Day

My sweet Adilee got blessed this past Sunday on January 3rd by her daddy. It was so neat and such a great experience for Kooper and I. Kooper told me "Ya know how you had your moment when she was born? Well I had my moment blessing her." I am so grateful Kooper holds the Priesthood and is able to give her blessings whenever she needs. We had a lot of family come visit and be there for this special day. She is one loved little girl! 

For some reason my camera didn't have a picture with my mom.. That will be coming 
-Yes this is the best picture we got as a family.. 
What were we thinking, she obviously wasn't very happy! 
^Missing Krichele, Jason, and the boys.. They went back to church at their ward.

^ look at this nice beard he's grown

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NEw Years Eve Weekend!

I am so excited for 2016! I can't wait to see what it has in store for our little family! So far we had a great New Years Eve with some good friends..

^Carter wanted to play twister so we did, and Wheeler was actually really good and flexible!

^For Young Womens we had a little white elephant exchange party and watched a movie.. I sure do love working with these women and girls! 

Then my family came to stay with us a couple days before Adilee's blessing. I was so happy my dad decided to stay as well. It was great to have them. 
Lindsey came up to stay with us and went sledding and had a little time outside. 
My little bundle of joy! Don't worry she didn't actually go, we just got her dressed up and she came out and then went back home with the grandparents to babysit!  

HERES TO 2016!
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