Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Love Day

Valentines Day!
Today was just almost like any other day with us. It is pretty much the official date night of the year for the whole WORLD. Sooo...  We tried to spice it up and make it fun though.
To start we had pink-heart shaped pancakes (Hubby is the ultimate pancake maker).

Then Koop went to school and I went to work. I ended up getting off early! YAY!
So I made Koop some heart shaped sandwiches for lunch and headed over to his work, I hung out with him there for awhile.
Then while Koop was at work I decided to make my brothers baby blanket I have been planning on making. :) I ended up having enough material I made two small ones as well! There double sided minkee and they are so soft and cuddling.  I want to keep one.
Koop came home and brought the cutest flowers for me! It was sweet because I was not expecting anything. Earlier this week I had got a new car, and that was my Valentine gift! I didn't need anything else! Koop also got 4 brand new tires, and wheels for his truck and so that was his gift! So since we had got such BIG gifts we thought we'd save our money, however that sneaky boy ended up getting flowers anyways!
Then later for dinner we got Pizza! One of our favorites! MMM. I love a good pizza! It ended up being FREE to! Lucky us! My friend works at Papa Murpheys and I asked her to grab us a pizza and I'd come pick it up, when I went to pick it up she ended up getting it for free anyways! Thanks whit :)
After dinner we cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie and relaxed.
Then after that we had a late night coed volleyball game. There was only us and two other people on our team that could make it and it was so fun! We played so good, and ended up winning! It was really fun.
After we got home we got ready for bed, Koop took Sampson outside and I tried to be all Romantic (being Valentines day) I turned off all the lights and made a candle trail :) and thats all the details for this blog....
I sent these "turtles" to my grandpa. When we were little he would always go shopping the day after Valentines day and buy all the grandkids candy. He would always get my turtles because he knew they were my favorite! The past few years he hasn't been able to send any and so this year I thought it was my turn and wanted to send him some! He was really excited and happy that I did! Its been a tradition for so long that I will forever cherish... 
All in all, a good happy love day. 


  1. Aw, sounds like your valentines was full of love and happiness! what a sweet husband you have!

  2. Aw, I love all the heart shapes. :D


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