Monday, April 14, 2014

Schools Out for Summer

I haven't posted in a really long time so I thought it was time for a quick post! 

Koop just finished up the semester. He was taking 18 credits! And they were no easy 18 credits. They were his upper 400 level classes. He worked 20 hours on campus every week. As well as almost every weekend for a farmer. All he did was.....

Poor boy was so sick of everything! But he did so great! He made it, and finished up!

Me.. well I just work now.  I love my new job! I love the people I work with! I love working 12 hour shifts because I LOVE having four days off.

I'm so excited for the summer and I can't wait for the warmth to come! I can't wait for the next few months, I am excited to see what life brings... :)I'm excited to be able to go camping, swimming, four wheeling, and just have fun! It will be nice not to have to worry about homework for awhile!


  1. So glad you are doing well and that he made it through the semester! I was so relieved when my husband graduated! Hope he's getting closer. :)

  2. so glad you love your new job! and love that picture of you, you look great!


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